2010 - Built my first product and business. It was a SaaS company that helped people build promotions on Facebook back when marketing on Facebook was new.

2012 - Joined the incredible team at Jet Cooper as a PM, where I helped startups and large organizations rethink and reimagine their digital products. Jet Cooper was acquired by Shopify in 2013.

2013 - Began 8 years at Shopify working on user onboarding, channels and marketing tech - the first PM in the Toronto office. Growing the company from 60k merchants and 300 employees.

2014 - Started my own e-commerce store selling the best South African food products in North America. It’s made over $1,000,000 so far and still growing.

2021 - Left Shopify to focus on growing my ecommerce business, building software and focusing on angel investing - doing 15 deals in 2021.